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Group Keywords Efficiently for Record Winning Profit

Record Winning GrouperBy now it should be obvious that you need to be grouping your keywords and writing highly relevant ads based around tight keyword clumps. Its good for clickthrough, its good for conversions, its good all around. You’ve heard it 100 times; You need to do it, its worth it. Too often though, people preclude that wisdom with “…but it takes a lot of time”.

Well they didn’t have access to the right tools. The first free tool up for grabs on is a keyword grouper.  With it you can group thousands of keywords in an instant.  You’ll find patterns and groups you never knew existed as you adjust the sensitivity settings and your keywords start to clump differently.

In this article I’ll tell you what the keyword grouper does.  I’ll explain a little bit of how it works.  Show you how to use the grouper on your own keywords. Plus ways to use the grouper to increase profits.

I know now… that there are quite a few keyword groupers out there. Trying to think of a name and searching for “keyword grouper”, I found out a few already existed. The one google offers is not very good, I tried it. It doesn’t have much in the way of settings and makes small groups hinged around the highest volume keywords. It is was one of the only free ones though. A few of the bigger keyword research tools have keyword groupers bundled in. I haven’t used any of those, because I don’t own any of those programs and therefor can’t comment.

What is the Keyword Grouper?

The grouper does exactly what it sounds like it does, you feed it a list of keywords and keyword phrases, and it allows you to adjust sensitivity settings and filters, and you wind up with really nice tight groups, really fast.

This is not some piece of crap, that sorts the list alphabetically, or matches exact words. You could do that with excel, and I wouldn’t waste your time like that. Its got a somewhat complicated algorithm that uses metaphones, soundex, levenshtein distance, along with a few other tricks to do the grouping. It will chew through your keyword phrase list and even spit out text you can paste right into adwords to create keywords with bids.

Try Free Grouper

You can find the “grouper” here and give it your own keywords or use the sample data set from a live site. Hopefully its better than the other offerings out there, and if its not, I’ll make it better… let me know. It probably could use a real name too, any thoughts?

The “grouper” tool was originally developed for onsite SEO research and its just as powerful a tool in that realm. Care to speculate on other uses for this type of tool… Leave a comment

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9 Responses to “Group Keywords Efficiently for Record Winning Profit”

  1. admin Says:

  2. rolando Says:

    looks interesting, I will try it

  3. John Says:

    That’s a great tool, thanks for making it free! Are you by any chance willing to sell the script (without resale rights of course)? I’d like to host it locally.

    Please contact me by email, thanks.

  4. Doug Says:

    Hi, I tried your keyword grouping tool and found it very interesting. I have a few questions and suggestions for you. Please contact me by email if you are able.


  5. Oliver Says:


    I am very interested in your keyword grouping tool. How can I purchase it? Can you please contact me?


  6. Mike Says:

    VERYYYY COOL! I like it!

    It seems there is a MAX limit - you said MORE the better :’> If I add more than 1,000 keywords it gives MYSQL errors. By the way I too woul like to host this on my sever :’>

  7. David Says:

    Your tool is great but it have the limit error, I would like to buy your script and please contact me for discuss.

  8. orilivni Says:

    Do you know if the grouper tool have an API??

  9. Nils Says:


    I’d be interested in helping to develop this tool too.
    Let me know if I can offer some suggestions.


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