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Tutorial: Integrating Paypal - Learn about buttons, IPN, and all things Paypal

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Setting Goals for PPC: A Profit Estimator and Calculator

Perhaps you have asked the following questions, or ones like them, the answers are sometimes hard to come by.

“What Conversion Ratio should I be getting?” Profit Calculator

“What is a good CPC?”

Tough questions… but they are very important questions that can make or break your online selling venture. Works with or without a shopping cart.  It’s important to have the answers, so you can create attainable goals.  Whether you’re selling your own products, or doing affiliate marketing I have developed a tool that can help you answer these questions using a very simple formula.  I’ll start by explaining the basics, then give you some real life examples of how you can use this profit calculator to help you set realistic goals for your campaigns.

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Banking it with Google Checkout Buttons

google checkout logoGoogle Checkout is still a relative newcomer to the online payment processing world.  They offer a solution comparable with Paypal Website Payments standard.  It allows you to accept payments with buttons, without needing a full blown merchant account.  Its free to signup and just about anyone can get an account.

I’ll teach you what you need to know to setup your Google checkout account.  The settings you’ll want to modify on your account preferences.  A basic rundown of how the buttons work. I’ll show what encryption is used on the XML so you can generate your own buttons on the fly.  You’ll learn to use Instant Notification with Google checkout.  And I’ll give you my free script that does all of the above.  It will allow you to integrate Google Checkout dynamically, without needing to use the checkout API.

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How to Get Paid With Paypal Buttons

Paypal Verified SealPaypal still gets more popular every day. Not only for consumers making purchases. But also for first time or small businesses who aren’t ready for a real merchant account yet. I’m going to teach you quite a few things about Paypal so you’ll know how to get it installed on your own webpage. And also give you my free script that does all the things we’ll be going over, if you’re impatient you can get the script near the bottom of the post.

I’ll explain the different ways you can take payments with Paypal. How to make Paypal buttons with basic options, this is how you get paid. And show you where to find all the options for Paypal buttons. You’ll learn distinction between Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and a Return URL, and what you should be doing with them respectively.

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Group Keywords Efficiently for Record Winning Profit

Record Winning GrouperBy now it should be obvious that you need to be grouping your keywords and writing highly relevant ads based around tight keyword clumps. Its good for clickthrough, its good for conversions, its good all around. You’ve heard it 100 times; You need to do it, its worth it. Too often though, people preclude that wisdom with “…but it takes a lot of time”.

Well they didn’t have access to the right tools. The first free tool up for grabs on is a keyword grouper.  With it you can group thousands of keywords in an instant.  You’ll find patterns and groups you never knew existed as you adjust the sensitivity settings and your keywords start to clump differently.

In this article I’ll tell you what the keyword grouper does.  I’ll explain a little bit of how it works.  Show you how to use the grouper on your own keywords. Plus ways to use the grouper to increase profits.

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